Jewelry For Your Home Decor by Loz Abberton


On Flodeau, the “Pod Luxe” pendant light by Loz Abberton is handmade with great care and talent, combining ancient craft with Australian leather, the result being a work of art in itself. Inspired by nature and designed through old traditions, the appealing and ingenious pendant light borrows its shape from the reticulated tunic of corm. The light is […]

Silhouette Stool With A Storage Space


This silhouette stool with storage space is designed by Lucia Otero. Silhouettes of a person who is talking, who is indifferent, who is flirting and many others. The stool has a storage space for: magazines, newspapers, TV controls, console cables, toys and what ever you want to put in it. It’s great for dining room, children ‘s room, bedroom or […]

Sculptural Bookcase In Two Halves


Bookcases can impress you with design and style. Mostly people now spend their time on laptop’s, PC’s, eBooks and more. They forgot about the beauty of a bookcase. Below you will see the Concave Bookcase by Simon Pengelly, it can be used in 2 different ways as you can see the images.  They come in oak and […]

48 Creative Sideboard Designs


It appeared in the 18th century and it became mor popular in the 19th century, yes, I’m talking about sideboards. Today it’s popular and it’s created in many styles with lots of ornaments from different designers. There are glam, casual, industrial and art pieces. In some conditions of lack of space it’s necessary. It seems that wood […]

”Made In Mimbre” Lamp Collection


Your wondering what is Mimbre-Mimbre right? Well, I have to tell you that it’s a plant fiber similar to wicker, obtained from the salix plant. Another good thing about it is that the material can be characterized by its strength and flexibility allowing it to develop multiple forms. Claesson Koivisto Rune is the creator of “Made In Mimbre”, the […]

Writing Table With A Vase, A Lamp And A Storage Space


Roel Huisman resin for his Platforms selection to demonstrate the connections of the things and how people can get enthusiastic about it more and more. This No.1 composing desk is intended to easily blend into your interior to have a enjoyable daily experience. It is the first of a sequence of tables in cotton resin […]

38 Modern Creative Fireplace Designs


A fire place area is always one of the coziest locations in any house, during wintertime season. It’s so lovely to sit next to it in an chair having some hot tea. That is why I’ve made the decision to roundup some innovative inside fire place styles this time. There are many editions for various […]

Flexible Chair, Obtain Any Shape With It


For those who really like flexible furnishings with many functions and for many factors, DesignYouEdit provides Sissi seat. You can modify the way of the seat as you want due to the elements used for the seat – stress-resistant reboundable froth on a metal framework. They type the seat and leg as well as a flexible […]