Casual Scandinavian-Inspired Rocking Chair By Gervasoni


The selection Greyish by French artist Gervasoni combines “gustavian” and “scandinavian” designs that together consist of a harmonium and modern selection of informal furnishings. There are armchairs, couches, platforms, mattresses and storages made of converted and formed timber, standing, chinese suppliers, stone and reflection. But I’d like to emphasize the sporting seat that really helps […]

43 Awesome Creative Desk Designs


If you are looking for an unique table for your home business or just for workplace, I’ve collected some interested concepts for you. Developers create more and more exciting and unique workstations that are also very efficient, today there are no boundaries for the creativity and it’s possible to make anything from a structural piece […]

Stylish Desk Pad For Small Spaces


Designers make more and more furniture for contemporary people who often reside in big places and small flats with a deficiency of area. Eric Degenhardt revealed his idea for those who need a lightweight home business workplace – the Table Pad. This is a wall-mounted desk that has a designed in pen owner, a bookend, […]

Minimalist Table Lamp


Lanx is a table light that uses OLED which guarantees the extreme thinness. It was made by Alessandro Marelli, he used simple laser-cut aluminum foil with a thickness of 3 mm veneer. It’s a perfect piece for a home office, check out the pictures below. Source: mocovote, alessandromarelli

Beautiful Stack Chair Of Many Colorful Layers


This Stack Chair by Milan design studio Skrivois and it’s based of the children story: The Princess and the Pea, a princess proves her royal status because she’s sensitive enough to be disturbed by a pea in her bed despite many layers of mattresses. The cushions sit on a metal frame, I have to tell […]