Cute DIY Snowman Christmas Tree Ornament

More snowmen for your Christmas! Not only your kids can make them, you can also make cool DIY decorations yourself. The supplies are craft wire – 20 gauge, wire cutters, an old sock for the hat, yarn, embroidery thread, black beads for the eyes, an orange bead for the nose, flathead pins, small, like used for tailoring, pinkish chalk, a tiny brush for the chalk, E-6000 or a good glue, may come in handy, black and orange permanent sharpie markers. Make three balls of Model Magic, cut the wire and fold it into an L-shape, thread it through the center of the balls. Twist the wire into a loop using cutters and start making a hat: cut the ankle part of your sock off of the foot and sew it inside out so the stitches later will be on the inside.  Make the face using beads, paint and tiny nails, add arms and voila – your cool snowman is ready!

To read the full tutorial click the link below (source link).

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