Luxurious Villa In Thailand

Location: Yamu, Phuket.

Luxurious Villa in Phuket with ocean views Luxurious Villa In Thailand Blends Serene Elegance With Stunning Sea Views

This beautiful house in Thailand has 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms will bring the sea to your doorstep. The interior of The View is clad largely in pristine white, grey and black, with bright red and orange accents sporadically making their presence felt.

Private villa in Thailand with fabulous beach views

Private pool with plush seating options

Exapnsive terrace of The View

Stylish modern dining space with sea views

A tranquil getaway in Cape Yamu, Phuket

Interior of the exclusive villa in Thailand

Stylish decor blends in with the white backdrop

Bedroom with a view of the outdoors

lavish bedroom in white

lavish villa in thailand with contemporary interior and amenities

Contemporary bedroom with sweeping sea views

Romantic villa ambiance makes it an ideal honeymoon retreat

Modering dining room with sea views

Modern home theater in the phuket villa

Stunning bath with standalone bathtub

Goregous villa in Thailand at dusk



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