Silhouette Stool With A Storage Space

This silhouette stool with storage space is designed by Lucia Otero. Silhouettes of a person who is talking, who is indifferent, who is flirting and many others. The stool has a storage space for: magazines, newspapers, TV controls, console cables, toys and what ever you want to put in it.

It’s great for dining room, children ‘s room, bedroom or where you want it. Check the images below and see it for yourself and check the source also.


funky-beat-hide-silhouette-stool-with-a-storage-space-1-554x381 funky-beat-hide-silhouette-stool-with-a-storage-space-2-554x381 funky-beat-hide-silhouette-stool-with-a-storage-space-3-554x381

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