Writing Table With A Vase, A Lamp And A Storage Space

Roel Huisman resin for his Platforms selection to demonstrate the connections of the things and how people can get enthusiastic about it more and more. This No.1 composing desk is intended to easily blend into your interior to have a enjoyable daily experience. It is the first of a sequence of tables in cotton resin and a extension of the Racks sequence. The resin that is used has a platform that is clear and non-coloured. With pigmentation we accomplish the preferred color and solid quality. The item goes through a sequence of actions in which it is casted, machined, sanded and refined. The desk consists of a light, a container and a small storage space section – it’s stylish performance.


no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-1-554x554 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-2-554x368 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-3-554x368 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-4-554x368 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-5-554x368 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-6-554x831 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-7-554x831 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-8-554x831 no1-writing-table-with-a-lamp-a-desk-and-a-storage-space-9-554x368

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